My name is Urban Godlewski. Having graduated from The Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź, I am a graphic designer with over 10 years of experience. I have worked for both the large international and smaller agencies, for global and local brands.

I create useful visual identities, publications, packaging, print and digital designs, delivering creative project solutions. I believe that successful results are the effect of the design process which takes into consideration both conceptual and practical requirements in order to create adequate propositions.

My ambition and dedication cause that Clients trust me completely and entrust me with their projects, each of which becomes a window to search for new methods of operation.


Brand IdentitySignage systemsPackagingPublication DesignDigital DesignInterface Design


2013 KTR Bronze | Getin Bank: Autonomie2013 KTR Shortlist | PKO BP: Calendar '132013 Vidical Special Award | PKO BP: Calendar '132012 Golden Drum Shortlist | WWF: Calendar '122012 KTR Shortlist | WWF: Calendar '12



A list of references will be sent on request. If you would like to read them, please drop me a line.